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Ch 13

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PSYC 2000

Chapter 13 PersonalityPersonalityrelatively stableenduring patterns of thoughts feelings actionsAssessing personality 1Interview talking with people aStructured every person gets same set of predetermined questionsbUnstructured interviewer is free to ask different question of each person iAdvantage deeper information iiDisadvantage cant compare to other participants 2Observation needs to be methodical aObjective tests AKA inventories Standardized questionnaires typically multiplechoice or true false itemsiMinnesota Multiphastic Personality Inventory MMPI Most widely researched and clinically used selfreport personality test 110 scales of MMPI Hypochondrias Depression Hysteria Psychopathic Deviate MasculineFeminine accepting extreme gender rolesParanoia delusions Psychasthenia OCD thoughtsand behaviors Schizophrenia lack of connection between thoughts and emotions Hypomania over excitable Social introversion 2Lie score indicates you are lying in order to make yourself look good3Validity score indicates a careless or random response pattern4Correction score indicates the examinee is either trying to fake good mental health or bad mental health5Empirical method of item inclusionbased on ability to differentiate between groups not theory bProjective tests ambiguous stimuliiRorschach Inkblot test 10 bilaterally symmetrical inkblots 1Scoring is very complex disagreement over what parts of examinees responses are most important iiThematic Apperception Test TAT 31 Ambiguous pictures about 10 of which are presented to the examinee1Asked to make up a story to explain the picture 2Difficult to administer and interpret Theories of Personality1Trait TheoriesTrait relatively stableconsistent characteristic that can be used to describe someoneaEarly trait theorists
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