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Chapter 2stPhineas Gage 1 patient to show relation between personality and frontal lobes He was a foreman of railway construction in the 1800s They were shattering large sections of rock with explosives Sept 13 1848 he had a tamping rod blown through his skull He never lossed consciousness and survived Before the accident he was a capable worker and a nice person After the accident he was rude profane and irritable This personality change is fairly typical for someone with damage to the frontal lobes 12 years later he started to have epileptic seizures in 1860 and died a few months later 1Neuroscience how biological processes relate to behavioral and mental processes The nervous systemaCentral nervous systemCNSbrain and spinal cordbPeripheral nervous systemPNSnerves that connect brain and spinal cord to every other part of the bodyiSomatic nervous system transmits info about body movementsexternal environment iiAutonomic nervous systemtransmits information to and from internal organsglands Involuntary1Sympathetic nervous s
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