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Ch 7_

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Ch 7 Memory internal record representation of some prior event or experienceISensory memory shortlive memory process aAlmost a direct representation of actual sensory attributes of the stimulus bIconic memory visual memory lasts about 200300 millisecondscEchoic memory auditory memory Last 12 secondsIIShortterm memory AKA primary memorytemporarily stores sensory information and decides whether to send it on to longterm memory1Limited capacity Millers Magic 7 plus or minus 2 average can keep about 7 pieces of information at one time from 59 Can be increased through chunking 2Limited duration it last about 30 seconds3Working memory is an entirely different process from long term memory1Ex HM Hippocampus Man who has not formed an explicit long term memory since day of an operation to remove his hippocampus in 1954 has intact working memory 2Concept of working memory idea that short term memory works with higher cognitive processes such as learning reasoning and comprehension 3Allen Baddeley 3 subsystems in working memoryaphonological loop draws upon speech resourcesiphonological store acts like a buffer to hold verbal informationiiarticulatory control process active mechanism that keeps info alive in the phonological store It also transforms written words into phonological information bvisuospatial sketchpad system akin to an artists sketchbook for stimuli that cannot be verbalized such as spatial informationccentral executive system responsible for supervisory attentional control and cognitive processing Decides what information will be attended to IIILongterm memory stores information for long periods of timeaCapacity is virtually limitless and its duration is relatively permanent bSchemas mental models of knowledge Everything you know about a particular subjectcPsychologists believe that information in LTM is stored in large interrelated networks of these schemas Spreading activation starts with schemas that are closely related then spreads to ones that arent so closely related IVEncoding Storage and retrieval
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