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Psyc 2000

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PSYC 2000
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Psyc 2000Psychology oscientific study of human behavior and mental processesoSystematic method of controlled measurement replication and falsificationBasic Vs Applied ScienceoBasic science creates scientific knowledgeEx Biological Ex DevelopmentalExcognitiveoApplied scienceapplies knowledge to practical problemsEx ClinicalExOrganizationalPsychological PerspectivesoNeuroscience body and brain create sense emotions and memories body and brain chemoEvolutionary evolution influences behavior survival of the fittestoPsychodynamic unconcious drives and conflicts unconcious drivesoBehavioralSocial learn through observation trial and errorlearn through experienceoCognitive encoding processing storing and retrieving info thought processesHistory and ExperienceoHow do we thinkPsychologists try to measure all thingsoAre our minds blank tabula rosaoSocratesMind and body are distinctIdeas InbornNatureoAristotleStudent of SocratesMind body connectionBlank slateNurtureoNature or NurtureNature is who you are born to be from day oneNurture is the influences around youhow people you know interact with you3 roots of Psychological sciencesoEmpiricism Knowledge gathered from senses through experience knowledge develops from introspection analysis of experienceoStructuralismoFunctionalism study of how mind and body adampt to enviornment to enable survivalEx Burning your hand by not putting on the oven mitPhysical attractiveness is it nature or nurture Reality is that its probably bothDepression is also probably both nurture and natureJob satisfaction nature and nurture69297991021057ac687ccJanuary 16 2009Which philosopher believed our minds are tabula rosaoAristotleNature our Biological BlueprintWe share half our genes with the banana and 98 with the apeoWhat does that say about usoPeople are 999 the sameGenesbiochemical codes of heredity are components of DNADNA spiral together to form chromosomeoGenetic coding uniquely defines each person from eye color to disease susceptibilityOver time adaptation happens functionalNatural selectionoInheritable traits lead to reproductionHow to test influence of Nature Vs NurtureoPeople w same genetics introduced to different enviornmentsoPeople w Different genetics introduced to same enviornments
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