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Psychology Final Exam Review (got 94% in the course)

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 2000

Psychology Final Exam ReviewChapter 1 CorrelationoMeasurable of the relationship between two variables Causation oIs something causing something else Gestalt Theory oGood figure psychology oHow we experience the world oSensationPerceptionMore than the sum of its parts Psychoanalysis oSigmund Freud oMost of your feelings come from a hidden place in the mind unconscious Behaviorism oFocus on observable behavior only John B Watson Little Albert Variables oDependent Variable Variable in experiment that represents the measurable response or behavior of the subjects in the experiment oIndependent Variable Variable in an experiment that is manipulated by the experimenter Psychiatrist oMedical Doctor Can prescribe medication Psychologist oProfessional with an academic degreespecialized training in one or more areas of psychology Cannot prescribe medications except in 2 statesPsychiatrist Social WorkeroA social worker with training in therapy methods who focuses on environmental conditions that have an impact on mental disorders Cannot prescribe medication Placebo Effect oPhenomenon in which the expectations of the participants in a study influence behavior Think they are given a real pill so they say they feel the symptoms of the pill Chapter 2 Central Nervous System oCommunicates with the body through peripheral nervous system oBrainSpinal CordPeripheral Nervous System oTransmits information to and from the central nervous system Autonomic Nervous System oAutomatically regulates glands internal organsblood vessels oParasympathetic Maintains body functions under ordinary conditions saves energy oSympathetic Fight or flight Prepares the body to react and expend energy in times of stress Somatic Nervous System oCarries sensory information and controls movement of the skeletal muscles Agonists oMimic effect of NT increase original message that NT was supposed to send make it fire more Antagonist oBlocks NT from docking makes it not fireNeurotransmitters
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