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Notes From First Class Through Nov 10

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PSYC 2000
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Section 1 history and research methodsPsychology is the scientific study of mental processes mind and behaviorScientificempirical observation knowledge comes from direct experience scienceA brief history of psychologypsychology has a long past but a short historyWilhelm Wundt Leipzig Germany 1879 father of modern day scientific psychology first to give lab in a university for psychology first to study psychological phenomena with scientific method1879 founding of psychology as a SCIENCEschools of thoughtwhat and how a phenomenon is studied Structuralism to study conscious experience and its structure Edward Titchner and Wilhelm Wundtcoined term structuralism Introspectrumto look withinunderstanding knowledge for the purpose of knowledge Gestalt PsychologyGoALS to describe organization of mental processes the whole is greater than sum if its partsWertheimerwhole is the movement parts are the actual light turning on and offPsychoanalysisGoalsexplain personality and behavior and treating mental illnesses Sigmund Freudproblems from childhood affected later yearsFree to Association talking without thinking Dream association reoccurring dreams tell what it meansFunctionalism push against psychoanalysis goalshow the mind allows an organism to adapt to its environment William Jamesobsened animalshumansbc complex organisms explainjealousy beneficial to propagation to species Behaviorism goalsstudy only observable behavior and explain via learning principles JB Watson BF SkinnerEnvironmentalBiological Humanismgoalsinterested in human potentials ideas and problemslooking at goodness of peopleAbraham Maslow and Carl Rogersbe all you can beWomen in Psychology Mary Calkins 1892 Harvard studied under William James all men dropped seminar bc of her in the class harvard denied to confirm PhD because she was female never got her PhD became 1st female president of American psychological associationMargaret Washburn 1894 BA university of Chicago denied her PhD she went down the street to smaller college and became first female to receive PhD 2nd female president of APAAfrican Americans in PsychologyFrancis Cecil Sumner 1920 Southern he became part of administration include more minorities in collegesInez B Prodded 1933 3rd PhD in psych research ethnicity Approaches to the Science of Psychology Psychodynamic Approach unconscious internal conflicts about sexual andor aggressive impulses from childhood experiences Childhood experiences Do affectBehavioral Approach emphasizes learning especially rewards and punishmentsCognitive Approach mechanisms through which people receive store retrieve information information processing Biological Approach the nervous system ESP Brain neurotransmitters hormones and genetics Humanistic Approach potential for growth and unique perceptions guide behavior and mental processesSociocultural Approach ones behavior is influenced by ones social and cultural context Evolutionary Approach ways in which behavior and mental processes are adaptive for survival Monday August 29 2011Critical Thinking ability to reflect on evaluate compare analyze critique and synthesize information read module 2Psychological Research module 3Theory integrated set of principles that explains and predicts behaviornot necessarily true not necessarily scientific
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