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PSYC 2000

FINAL EXAM Study OutlineChapter 12 Social PsychologyKnow the three primary areas of social psychology as well as relevant related concepts that fall under each see below SOCIAL INFLUENCE The ways in which a persons thoughts feelings and behavior can be affected by others In other words how we are influenced by othersConformityvoluntarily yielding to social normsoDefine and distinguish from compliance and obedienceChanging ones own behavior to more closely match the actions of othersoBe able to correctly label an exampleWell groomed lawn to avoid complaints from neighborsoWhat was Aschs classic study Subjects asked to judge line length confederates gave wrong answer to influence the subjectoName conditions that increase the likelihood of conformityGroup size unanimous observes ones behavior culture feelings of incompetence insecurity and low self esteemCompliancewhen people change their behavior as a result of another person or group asking or directing them to changeoDefine and distinguish from conformityobedience and Occurs when people change their behavior as a result of another person or group asking or directing them to change oWhat are 4 techniques used to get people to comply with a request Be able to correctly label an example of each if given a scenario1Footinthedoorcreates commitment by adding more late2Doorintheface larger request comes first followed by second smaller3Lowballconsumer once commitment is made the cost of that commitment is increased4Thatsnotall provides more to influenceObediencewhen one changes hisher behavior at the command of an authorityoDefine and distinguish from compliance and conformityOccurs when people change their behavior as a result of the command of an authority figure oWhat is Milgrams classic studyAssigned people to be teacher and learner all people rigged to be the teacher Confederate was the learner Punishment on learning When confederate answered wrong shock was increased by 15 oName factors that increase the likelihood of obediencePhysical proximity status of figure depersonalization of victim knowing person lack of defiant role modelsWhat is Zimbardos Prison Study Subjects played either prisoners or guardsPrisoners were arrested fingerprinted dressed and referred to by numberGuards were dressed and given control over prisonersoWhat did this experiment reveal about social roles Subjects became their social roles in action thought and feelingoWhat are social roles Social roles are widely shared experiences about how people in certain positions are supposed to behaveGroup InfluenceoDefine what a group is Be able to identify if given an example whether or not the example represents a groupConsist of two or more individuals who interact and are interdependentoGroup Think Define and be able to identify an example Make sure you can name some characteristics associated with group thinkOccurs when members of a cohesive group emphasize concurrence at the expense of critical thinking group projectThe problem with group think is Members suspend their critical thinkingMembers start censoring dissent as the pressure to conform increase Mind guards try to shield the group from info that contradicts the groups view If presented with conflicting info members tend to think in us versus them terms oversimplifying things and creating an outgroup enemyMembers overestimate ingroup unanimityoGroup Polarization Define and be able to identify an exampleOccurs when group discussion strengthens a groups dominant point of view and produces a shift toward a more extreme decision in that direction Social comparison informational social influence Discussion of racismoSocial FacilitationSocial ImpairmentSocial Loafing Define each and be able to identify examples Make sure you can distinguish between eachSocial facilitation the tendency for the presence of other people having a positive impact on the performance of an easy taskSocial impairment the tendency for the presence of other people having a negative impact on the performance of a difficult taskSocial loafing a reduction in effort by individuals when they work in groups compared to when they work by themselvesSOCIAL COGNITION The mental processes people use to make sense of the world around them In other words how we think about othersAttributionProcess of inferring the causes of mental states behaviors and events which occur to ourselvesothers Heider 1958 Causes of behaviorsoWhat is Weiners Model If given an applied exampleFound that people often focus on what they think is the stability underlying the causes for behaviorStablepermanent Unstabletemporary Internalwithin you Externalenvironment
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