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Psyc Test 2 Long

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 2000

Psychology 2000Test 21Sensation process that occurs when special receptors in the sense organs are achieved allowing various forms of outside stimuli to become neural signals in the brain2Perception brain takes all the sensations people experience allows them to be interpreted 3Sensory Receptors form of neurons cells making up the nervous system AEyes lightBEars VibrationsCHands and Body Touch 4Transduction processing of converting outside stimuli such as light into neural5Just Noticeable Difference minimum difference between 2 stimuli requires for detection of 50 percent of the time Difference Threshold 6Absolute Threshold lowest level of stimulus that person can consciously detect 50 percent of the time stimulation present 7Webber Law increases proportion to the size of the stimuli Just Noticeable Difference KDeltaIL8Habituation way of the brain deals with unchanging information from the environment 9Subliminal Stimuli strong enough for sensory receptors to pick them up both not strong enough for us to be able to detect them10Sensory Adaption tendency of sensory receptors to become less responsible to stimulus that is unchanging11Wavelength determine by the length of the wave distance between wave peaks color 12Amplitude determined by the height of the wave how high or low the actually is brightness13Saturation determined how much these is mixture of wavelength purity
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