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Psychology Final Study Guide

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Psychology Final Study GuideModule 46461Abraham Maslow said people are motivated by their hierarchy of needsoPhysiological personal safety security love to be loved to love ourselves selfesteem selfactualization and then selftranscendenceoFor study only used healthy successful people 1970Carl Roger believed people are good unless thwarted by environment that inhibits growth we are primed for fulfillment 1980oGrowth environment needed genuineness acceptance and empathyoGenuine open feelings drop facades and be transparent and self disclosingoAccept value yourself even when knowing of failingsoEmpathetic share and mirror feelings and reflect meaningsSelf Concept all thoughts and feelings we have toward the question who am i can be positive or negativeUnconditional Positive Regard attitude of grace that values us even knowing our failings an attitude of total acceptance toward another personSelfActualization motivation to fulfill ones potential 462Self Concept is positive when persons ideal life and actual life are the sameHumanistic psychologists assess a persons sense of self through questionnaires463Humanistic psychology helped to renew psychologys interest in concept of selfoCritics still complain about it thoughModule 47471Traits peoples characteristic behaviors and conscious motivesFactor analysis statistical procedure used to identify clusters of test items that tap basic components of intelligenceBrain activity scans help see what kind of person someone is by seeing when they can get brain arousal472Personality inventories longer questionnaires covering a wide range of feelings and behaviors designed to assess several traits at onceMinnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory MMPIassess abnormal personality tendencies originally made to help identify emotional disorders but now also used for many other screening purposesEmpirically Derived test developed by testing pool of items and then selecting those that discriminate between groupsoThese tests are popular and can be scored computably473The Big Five Personality Factors think of CANOEoConscientiousness Agreeableness Neuroticism Openness ExtraversionoMost stable in adulthoodo50 heritability for factorsocan help predict other personal attributes474Behavior is influenced by the interaction of inner disposition and environment Person situation controversy genuine personality traits that persist over time and across situations475SocialCognitive Perspective behavior is influenced by the interaction between peoples traits and social contextoWay nature and nurture work together is how individuals and situations work together oSocial conditioningobserving and modeling our behavior after theirs oCognitive mental process what we think about our situations affect our behaviorReciprocal determinism Bandura 1986 2006 the interacting influences of behavior internal cognition and environment
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