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Chapter 8 Experimental Research DesignIntroductionoResearch design the outline plan or strategy that specifies the procedure to be used in seeking an answer to your research questionsoExperimental research is the best type of research when you want to make claims about cause and effectWeak Experimental Research DesignsoConsidered weak because they control for very few threats to internal validity dont provide a way of isolating the effect of the treatment conditionrival hypotheses are not eliminatedoOnegroup posttestonly design a single group of research participants is measured on a dependent variable after having undergone an experimental treatmentThe design doesnt have a notreatment control group which would allow a comparison of participants posttest performance with the performance of a similar group that didnt receive the treatment and the design doesnt have a pretest which would allow a comparison of participants posttest performance with their performance prior to treatmentConsidered faulty because its difficult to now if any effect is due to the treatment or to some confounding variableoOnegroup pretestposttest design improves the onegroup posttest design by adding a pretest to measure the DV before the treatment is introducedWeak not so much because the sources of rival hypotheses can affect the results but because in most cases we dont know if they didIn situations in which its impossible to obtain an equated comparison group the design can be used to provide some informationoPosttestonly design with nonequivalent groups includes a control group unlike the onegroup posttest design and the onegroup pretestposttest designThe comparison group is a nonequivalent group the participants in the comparison group might differ in important ways from the participants in the experimental groupStrong Experimental Research DesignsoHave greater internal validity they provide more assurance that the effect of the IV on the DV has been isolated and tested the research design must enable the researcher
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