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Chapters 5-10 (Got A+ on the test)

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PSYC 2017
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Chapter 5Variable anything that can varyIndependent variable has to varyDependent measure also has to vary Different ways to categorize these variablesoDiscrete categorical male or female oContinuous varies age Anywhere on a continuum oQualitative and quantitativeoQuantitative and continuous reaction time numerical value continuous because you can fall anywhere on this continuum oDiscrete and qualitative nationality specific categories that are not numericalfrom Asia or Europe oQuantitative and discrete number of kids either 1 2 3 nothing in between Categorical and numerical are similar to qualitative and quantitative Within Numerical we can have either discrete and continuousIn categorical we really can only have discreteScales of measurement oNominal ordinal interval ratiooEvery time you step up on the ladder you are keeping the previous characteristics and add on characteristicsoNominal attributes are only names weakestCategorical variable for mutual exclusive but not ordered categoriesExample names of people in this class What would be the most frequent name just talking about how many are there in each category Examples types of candyoOrdinal no the order Order matters but not the difference between valuesExample 3 amys running the race one of the catherines finished first ndrdamy finished 2 and George finished 3No the order but not the distanceIt doesnt make sense to talk about the distance between each name is similar Thats why we order them instead of intervalExample first grade second grade third gradeoInterval no the order and distantRank order but also the distance between the two is meaningfulSimilar to ratio except that interval doesnt have a true zero We can add them and subtract them from each other Common example is 0 degree F doesnt mean that there isnt an absence of temperature oRatio absolute zeroHas all the properties of an interval and also has a clear definition of 0Can do addition subtraction mult and division Zero in this case actually means the absence of something Anything like weight height percentage on an exam Psychometric Properties of Good MeasurementoReliable not validMeasure in a way that we could get the same scores over time and the results would be the samesimilar Stability consistency or repeatabilityoValid not reliableMeasure what you actually intend to measureknowledge of somethingIf you test is not reliable its not going to be valid
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