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Exam 3 Notes

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Chapter 7Descriptive StatisticsoThe goal of descriptive statistics is to describe sample dataoCan be contrasted with inferential statistics where the goal is to make inferences about populations from sample dataFrequency DistributionsoA listing of values in a data set along with their frequency Graphic Representations of DataoBar graph of Frequency DistributionUsed with categorical variablesHeight of bar represents frequency of categoryBars should not touchoHistogramUsed with continuous quantitative variablesNo space between barsGraphic Representations of DataoLine graphsAlso used with quantitative variablesParticularly useful for interpreting interactionsBoth main effectsan interaction161412no10sirPn8isra6eYAttractiveVictim4UnattractiveVictim20AttractiveDefendantUnattractiveDefendantMain effectsno interaction161412no10sirP8nisra6eYAttractiveVictim4UnattractiveVictim20AttractiveDefendantUnattractiveDefendantNo main effectsan interaction1161412no10sirP8nisra6eYAttractiveVictim4UnattractiveVictim20AttractiveDefendantUnattractiveDefendantGraphic Representations of DataoLine graphsAlso used with quantitative variablesParticularly useful for interpreting interactionsoScatterplotsDepicts relationship between two quantitative variablesCorrelationsMeasures of Central TendencyoProvide a single value that is typical of the distribution of scoresModeMost frequently occurring valueLeast useful measure of central tendencyo2346777881010o22346788101010MedianMiddle score when numbers are in ascending or descending orderMeanArithmetic averageMost commonly used measure of central tendencyo2346777881010645o22346788101010636Examples in ExceloSee Moodle for sample spreadsheetoFollow as I show how to get the Mean Median Mode etcoCreating GraphsMeasures of Central Tendency and Graphical Representations for different types of variablesoRemember the different types of variables we can have Nominal Ordinal and IntervalRatiooWhich measure to use with each type of variableoWhat type of Graph to useohttpwwwyoutubecomwatchvhZxnzfnt5v8Measures of Variability 2
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