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The Scientific Article Pt 2 Note Outline3:23 (97% in the course

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PSYC 2017
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The Scientific Article Part 2Results Section In this section you discuss the data gatheredYou should start with a paragraph describing the tests and criteria you used including posthoc tests any data cleanup techniques you used and the basic descriptive statistics usually referring the reader to a table or figure that has the descriptive statistics portrayedResults Section Cont The following paragraphs should describe the analytical statistics that you used ie t or F testsThis paragraph should start by identifying the test then stating what main effects were found with the t or F statementAfter each main effect you should describe in everyday terms what the main effect meansIf only 2 groups were compared then simply state which group had a higher or lower score along with the information of which score indicated better performanceIf 3 or more groups were compared then you should use the results of the posthoc test to describe where the significant differences lie between the groups Results Section Cont If you have 2 or more IVs then you should state whether the interactions were significantThis statement usually starts something likeThe significant main effects were qualified by a significant interaction between IV1 and IV2 2 302534 pF005
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