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Chapter 7 Summarizing and Interpreting Data AKA Using StatisticsSampling Error the difference between observations and in the sample and in the populationDescriptiveStatistics Techniques for summarizing raw data that allows researchers sense of the data set without reviewing every score Inferential Statistics A set of statistical procedures used by researchers to test hypotheses about populationsDescriptive StatisticsDistributionSet of Scores1 Central Tendency of DistributionMean Average sum of all scores divided by the number of score collectedM Sigma XnMedian Middle ScoreMode Score that appears most often OutliersAn extreme low or high score in a distribution2Variability indicates how much the scores in the distribution differ from each other across the response scaleRange difference between the highest and lowest scores Standard Deviation A measure representing the average difference between the scores and the mean of a distribution most common to indicate variance2SD Sqrt Sigma XMn1 Variance The standard deviation of a distribution squared2 VarianceSigma XMn1Another measure of variability is a ZscoreDegrees of Freedom number of scores that can vary in the calculation of a statistic3GraphsTables of Variability and Central Tendency represents a frequency distribution for each data set which indicates how often each score appears in a distributionFrequency Distribution graph of distribution showing the frequency ofeach responsePercentage Frequency nCumulative Percentage just add the percentage numbers together Useful to quickly identify whether there are outliers that may affect the central tendencyBar Graph Line Graph Scatterplot
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