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EXAM 2 Notes (got 94% in the course)

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PSYC 2017
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Chapter 4 Measurement Issues in Research Verbal notesVariable any characteristic of an organism environment or experimental situation that can varyIndependent VariableDependent VariableThe behavioral designed to measure the effect of the variation of the independent variableMust select a DV that is sensitive to or able to pick up the influence exerted by the independent variableDirectionMagnitude more question expands magnitude of the effectTypes ofDependent VariablesDiscrete versus Continuous VariablesDiscrete one of two values and nothing in betweenlight switch certain valuesContinuous can take any value in between numbers light dimmer MEASURED NOT COUNTEDNumber of kids Quantitative Discreteie Nationality discrete qualitativeReaction time Quantitative and continuousNot really many qualitative continuousCategorical Variable variable that involved two or more non numerical groups ie Gender major how depressed a person feels Martial StatusOperational DefinitionAn abstract concept that allows measurement or manipulation of the concept in a research studyex Intelligence measured byIQGPAAccuracy on problem solving task etcMeasurement of Dependent VariablesNominal a categorical variable for mutual exclusivebut not orders categories By namenumber pinned on a runnernominal data is qualitative data rather than quantitativeOrdinal order matters but not the difference between valuesLikert Scale a scale of responses that measure a participants agreement or disagreement with different types of statements often rating from 1 to 5 or 1 to 7the first fourth person in racelevel of happinesscant rate difference Grade with ABCDEInterval the difference between two values is meaningfullike Temperature Zero is not a true zero temperature is always there
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