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EXAM 1 Notes (got the best grade in class)

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PSYC 2017
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PSYC 2017Chapter OneWhy we need the scientific methodfor most accuracyTo test solutionsto learn research processbetter understand materialpresented in psychology courseTo become critical consumers of informationDevelop critical and analytic thinkingTo develop the ability to critically read a research articleTo prepare for graduate programsConfederate the person that someone thinks is a participant but is really an experimenterFrom The Door Experiment Change blindness can occur outside the laboratory Ecological validity study that holds true in the real worldIntuition knowing without reasoningwhen I wear my purple jersey LSU wins and when I dont they loseProblem no mechanism for separating accurate from inaccurate knowledgegood for making quick decisions Blink GladwellAll the things we think we know but we are wrong about The invisible Gorilla Chabris and SimonAuthority facts stated from a respected source Doctors smoke Camels more than any other cigaretteProblem authority can be wrong or have different prioritiesDeduction and Induction or Rationalism knowledge from reasoningAll four year old are scared of the dark major premiseLisa is four minor premiseTherefore Lisa has fears of the darkconclusionProblem if major premise is incorrect Commonly used in philosophy coursesDeduction reasoning from general to specific Involved in forming hypothesisInduction reasoning from specific to generalObservation or Empiricism knowledge from experience problems wit this message for acquiring knowledgenothing can be perceived directly gravity perception can be biased by expectation and past experienceStatton 1890 the flippy goggles
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