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Chapter 10 Book Notes (Got A+ on the test)

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PSYC 2017

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Chapter 10 QuasiExperimental DesignIntroductionoQuasiexperimental design an experimental design that doesnt meet all the requirements necessary for controlling the influence of extraneous variables always lacks random assignment of participants to groupsbetter at controlling extraneous variables than the weak designsoMaking a causal inference from a quasiexperimentCause and effect must covary there must be a relationship between the IV and DVCause must precede effect changes in the IV must precede changes in the DVRival hypotheses must be implausible the relationship between the IV and DV must not be due to a confounding extraneous variablesoPrinciple one identifying key threats and minimizing their effects through design and control strategiesoPrinciple two involves the use of design components to control for plausible threatsDesign compo
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