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PSYC 2017
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PSYC 2017IntroHow do we know thingsoTenacity I know it is this way because I know it isoIntuition feel it in my gutoAuthority 9 out of 10 dentists say so or Dr Phil says sooRationalism because it makes senseoEmpiricism I know it is this way because I have lived itWhat psychology used to beoIntrospectionWundt father of experimental psychologyDo something and think deeply about itoPhrenologyVery popular in the late 1700s and the early 1800sShape of skull is the shape of the brainDifferent areas represent different characteristicsLarge forehead may mean you are very kindoPsychoanalysisFreud talking treatmentsHypnosis brings you back to your childhoodBasic steps of the scientific methodoIdentify the problemoCreate hypothesisoCollect dataoAnalyze dataoSpreading the findingsWhat makes a great scientistoCuriosityoPatienceoObjectivityoAcceptance of changePsychology todayoWell respected scientific disciplineoThere are standards that dictate good researchAPA publication manualPeerreview processoHumans are so variable so as more research is conducted it becomes increasingly difficult to be objectiveScience and the Experimental ApproachInductive and deductive reasoningoInductive reasoning understanding a specific case a creating a generalizationoDeductive reasoning understanding a general concept and applying it to a specific conceptoEither can work in certain situationsHypothesis testingoHypothesis the specific and logical prediction for the solution to a problemShould be based on previous research findingsTesting should include a means of confirmation and disconfirmation falsificationConfirmation uses inductive reasoningFalsification uses deductive reasoning not testing alternative hypothesis
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