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Exam 3 Study Guide

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Study GuideExam 3Exam 3 Study GuideClassThis guide is not necessarily allinclusive As such I would still encourage you to study as you normally would That said this guide will hopefully serve as an aid to your test preparationChapter 71Definition of persuasionoA process by which a message induces change in beliefs attitudes or behaviors2Central Route vs Peripheral RouteoCentral route factoccurs when interested people focus on the arguments and respond with favorable thoughts appeals to rationale and factoPeripheral route is it prettyoccurs when people are influenced by incidental cues such as a speakers attractiveness doesnt require much thought3The Elements of PersuasionoThe communicator believability perceived expertise perceived trustworthinessAttractiveness likingsimilarityPeople are more persuaded by good looking people people they like and people who appear similar to themoThe message contentReason emotiondiscrepancyReason vs emotiondepends on the audienceoWelleducated and analytical people more responsive to rationale oUninterested audiences use peripheral routeEffect of good feelings and of arousing fearboth make argument more persuasive Discrepancydepends on the communicators credibilityoA credible sourceone hard to discountwould elicit the most opinion change when advocating a greatly discrepant position1 vs 2sided appealsA onesided appeal is most effective with those who already agreedA twosided argument one that acknowledged opposing arguments worked better with those who disagreedA twosided argument is also more persuasive and enduring if people are or will be aware of opposing arguments oPrimacy vs RecencyPrimacy effectinformation presented first usually has the most influenceMessage 1Message 2 time Message 1 acceptedRecency effectinformation presented last sometimes has the most influence less commonMessage 1 time Message 2Message 2 acceptedoThe channel of communicationActive vs Passive receptionActive experience strengthens attitudePassive reception can also work just not as strongoRepetition and rhyming of a statement serves to increase its fluency and believability oPersonal vs Media influence The twostep flow of communicationProcess by which media influence often occurs through opinion leaders who in turn influence others Comparing mediaThe more lifelike the medium the more persuasive its message ie face to face better than videoDifficult messages more persuasive when written down easier messages more persuasive when videotaped
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