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Chapter 7 Persuasion

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PSYC 2040
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Chapter 7 PersuasionPersuasionProcess by which a message induces changes in beliefs attitudes or behaviors Paths to Persuasion Central Route Occurs when interested people focus on the arguments and respond with favorable thoughtsMore durable and more likely to influence behaviorPeripheral Route occurs when people are influenced by incidental cues such as a speakers attractiveness focuses on cues that trigger automatic acceptance without much thinking superficial and temporary attitude change Elements of PersuasionThree elements significantly affect the persuasiveness of a message 1 The CommunicatorCredibility Attractiveness2 The Message Reason versus emotion Discrepancy Onesided versus twosided appeals Primacy versus recency3 The Audience Age Thoughts concerning the message Elements of PersuasionThe Communicator CredibilityCredibilityIncludes characteristics such as BelievabilityPerceived TrustworthinessPerceived Expertise Elements of PersuasionThe Communicator CredibilityGaining CreditabilitySpeech styles speak confidently eye contact Influences perceived trustworthiness speak quickly Arguing against own selfinterest specifically influences perceived trustworthiness Suffering for your beliefs Eg Gandhi
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