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Social Psychology Exam 3

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 2040

Social Psychology Exam 3Chapter 7 PersuasionPersuasionA process by which a message induces change in beliefs attitudes or behaviors oCan be both good and bad oBad persuasion PropagandaoGood persuasion Education oInevitableThere are things around you all the time that are persuading youWhat Paths Lead To PersuasionCentral RouteoOccurs when interested people focus on the arguments and respond with favorable thoughts oAn appeal to someones rationale and to the facts about a situationoEx Buying a new computer and the salesperson is giving you all the awesome specs on it Focused on the facts and details oHas to be a strong compelling argument that is based on factsPeripheral RouteoOccurs when people are influenced by incidental cues such as a speakers attractiveness oEx Someone tries to sell you something by advocating for its appearanceoFocuses on cues that trigger automatic acceptance without much thinkingEx Attractive people in commercialsHurdles Audience has to pay attention you need to get them to comprehend what youre talking about get them to believe it you want them to remember it and then behave accordingly about it Different Paths for Different PurposesoPeripheral RouteSuperficial and usually a temporary attitude changeCan lead to attitude change but doesnt necessarily lead to behavioral change Easier and quickerUsing heuristics oCentral RouteMore durable and more likely to influence behavior change It leads to more enduring behaviors because peoples own thoughts are a part of it Theyre getting at the core of your attitudeWhat Are the Elements of PersuasionWho Says The CommunicatoroCredibilityEx Scientific journal vs random tabloid Believability Sleeper effectDelayed impact of a message that occurs when an initially discounted message becomes effective as we remember the message but forget the reason for discounting itEx World ending in tabloidYou remember the message you discount it then you remember it later but you forget why you discredited it and you then buy into itPerceived Expertise1Say stuff that the audience agrees withinstill idea that youre smart2Expert is going to be introduced as knowledgeable on the topic 3You have to speak confidentlyno mumbling or hesitation You come off as the person in chargePerceived trustworthiness1Maintain eye contact with your audience2You need your audience to believe that the communication is not to persuade them aThey need to think youre just giving them information Nobody likes to feel conned 3Arguing against your own selfinterestsaEx Corporate CEO of a refinery that puts out a lot of pollution but is renown as an environmentalist 4Speak quickly
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