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Test 1 Review

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PSYC 2040

1115Social psychologyoThe scientific study of how individuals think and feel about interact with and influence each other individually and in groupsoFocuses on the individual within a given social situationoNOTSociology looks at large group behavior and systems in societyBiology examines the role of genetics in behaviorAnthropology investigates the physical and cultural development of a species History determines how economic political and technological trends influence behavioroWe can look at it in terms of culture and how cultures effect a particular issue is psychologyKurt Behavior is the function of a person in a certain situation If we can take this and make a modelIntention is a strong predictor of behavior Dotted line feeds back from social behavior to social situationoFeedback loopoTakes back into account that things are dynamic and that things are always changing Fundamental attribution erroroThe task that it involvedoTrying to make sense of the world at hand12208The SelfoSelf cogitative structure the way we think about our selves containing organized and stable contents of all of our experiencesoOur memories relate to our selfoThrough experience we have more and more levels of which we can draw upon to organize all of these experiencesoA control device which assists us in understanding and predicting our own actionsoAdds a level of predictability to our behavioroIt can also be looked at as am emotional guide letting us know what kinds of things will cause certain feelings in usoIt allows us to evaluate certain social situationswhen we feel comfortable oIt can also be used in a way to describe our normal state of consciousness oIt separates us from everything else that is out there we know where we end and where everything else starts also the differences between ourselves and othersoPeople can lose their self mob behavior temporally deindividuation separating us from that what makes us individualsoour experiences with other people is what makes us ourselveswhat other people do and how others react to usoSelf concept all the ideas and thoughts and information about our self Three Components of the selfooPrivate self how we see ourselves alone separate from other peoples ways of evaluating us how we truthfully evaluate our selfoPublic self how we think others see us we often try to manage our public self if we generally get positive feedback from others we probably have a positive public self oCollective self how we think important people see us impression of how our parents seesaw us authority figure teacher boss etc These 3 can change from time to time because of that is what stage of development of we are at in our livesYoung children usually take to heart what authority tells themThe public self might be the most important thing when trying to make a career of themselvespolitics They can also be important in different time of historybecause of what events are taking place Cultures also look at them differentlyThe individual focus Eastern focus with the focus of membership and contributing to the wholeVideo
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