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Chapter 10 Note

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 2040

Chapter 10 aggression its nature cause and control Aggression behavior directed toward the goal of harming another living being who is motivated to avoid such treatment Hostile aggression walking up to someone and punching them in the faceoMore likely males to display this Relational aggression going at peoples relationships oExample gossip rumors drama head gamesoMore likely to be females Instrumental aggression you aggress to obtain something oJack has the ball Jill wants it She hits him to get it She didnt want to hit him she just wanted the ball oSports are instrumental aggressionoMales and females equally likely to expressRetaliatory expression retaliating against someone you perceived to have harmed youoJust has to be perceived not actually done oMiddle and high school for males If you dont retaliate they will keep on picking at you The underlying principle of bullying Theoretical perspectives Drive theories aggression stems from external conditions that arouse the motive to harm or injure others The frustration aggression hypothesis frustration is a very powerful determinant of aggressionoYou are frustrated with someone you aggress against them oYou dont always aggress when you have frustrationSocial learning perspective People learn the nuances of aggression through direct experience or by observing others oyou learn which groups are acceptable or not to aggress against through past experience
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