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Chapter Three

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 2040

Chapter ThreeSocial PerceptionPerceiving and Understanding OthersSocial perception processing social information in an attempt to understand othersNonverbal communication communication relying on unspoken languageEven symbols graffiti etc can convey a lot of informationBasic channels of nonverbal communicationFacial expressions reveal current moodsThere are six crosscultural facial expressions means it is nature not nurture There is something biological about the human species that can interpret these facial expressionsThese expressions are fear anger happiness sadness disgust and surpriseNo matter where you go people can point out and label these basic expressions You can see these in combinations ie fearful surpriseEye contactgaze indicates positive feelings Except staringThere is a fine line between an admiring gaze and a stalking stareExample gives example of when he is zoned out and staring off into space and accidentally staring at someoneDisplacement can occur during road rage Dad is mad at boss but yells at wife If you look at someone too long they will displace their anger on you and beat you down on yo grandmas front porchParadoxical effect looking in eyes too much because people say you dont look in someones eyes when you are lyingSo it can be not looking or looking way too muchBody language position posture and movement of others bodies or body parts cultural emblemsEmblems are bodily gesturesExample thumbs up can mean cool good job or I want to have gay sex with you depending on your cultureTouching suggests affection sexual interest dominance caring and aggressionIt depends on who is touching where to know what it meansContext is very importantDeception and Nonverbal Cues just because someone says something doesnt mean thats what they really meanExample Lie to Me microexpressionsThis is actually based in psychologyHomeland security should be looking at behaviors and not peopleThese are involuntary and cannot be repressed unless you have extensive trainingMicroexpressions fleeting facial expressions lasting only a few tenths of a secondExample your significant other comes home and tells you she bought a car you smile but before that you have a quick frownThis is why Moms can tell if you are lyingInterchannel discrepancies your nonverbal cues are inconsistent with
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