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Notes for 1st test

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PSYC 20401 AdairAug 28Social psychology how individuals think and feel about interact with and influence each other individually and in groups focuses on individual within given social situationSociology large group behavior and systems in societyBiology role of genetics in behaviorAnthropology physical and cultural development of speciesHistory how economic political and technological trends influence behaviorModel of Social BehavioroIndividual characteristicsinput from social situationssocial perception and cognitionevaluation of situation intent to behave a certain waysocial behaviorKurt Lewin father of social psychologyScientific method process of gaining empirical support for explanation of phenomena1identifying phenomenon to study2develop testable research hypothesis3designing research study4carrying out research studyexperimental research causeindependent variable manipulatedrandom assignmentcausal relationships can be establishedtight control over extraneous variableschanges in value of dependent variable are causally linked to changes in value of independent variablecorrelational research relationshipno independent variables manipulatedno random assignmentcausal relationships cannot be establishedextraneous variables may be measured and controlled statisticallyrelationship between 2 dependent variables exploredSept 4Self cognitive evaluation and emotional guide surreal state of consciousnessPerception of self is normal state of consciousnessDeindividualation lose sense of self mob behaviorPrivate self how we see ourselvesPublic self how we think others see usCollective self how we think important people see usHow we see ourselves impacts our actual behaviorSpotlight effect belief others are paying closer attention to us than they really are makes people uncomfortableIllusion of transparency belief others can read our concealed emotionsSelf interest people tend to not judge themselves as harshly as others biasing effect when trying to judge ourselveshow we are behavingSelf concern motivates social behavior people concerned w own self image behave a certain way to maintain a certain imageSocial relationships help define self play different roles depending on what social relationship is use scripts when interacting with othersSocial surroundings affect social awareness people feel out of place in foreign culture not used to surroundings and become more self aware of how they are feelingpresenting yourself to othersSelf deception focused somewhat on distinctiveness focus on unique traitswhat makes us different from others when we define ourselves
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