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1Social Psychology the scientific study of how ppl think feel interact and influence relate each other individually and in groups on an interpersonal levelaFocuses on the individual with in a given social situationiPerceptioniiAttitudesiiiBehaviors2Scientific method logically constructed questions hypo then test hypo with designs the process of gaining empirical support for explanation of phenomenaaHelps understand human behavior in groupsbHelps target future investigationcHelps lead to new discoveryiRecommendations for new actions1Organizations groups ppldThe scimet involves 4 general stepsiIdentifying a phenomenon to studyiiDeveloping a testable research hypoiiiDesigning a research studyivCarrying out the research studyst3Science was applied to psychology as far back as 1879 Woundt Germany 1 lab dedicated to psychology4The scientific method is designed for us to generate more questions and generalize situations5Correlation study vs experimental designaCorrelation study how two things are relatediCan predict performance on job based on test scoresiiCant say one thing caused another can only see the
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