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Chapter 11 Note

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 2040

Chapter 11Group collection of persons who are perceived to be bonded together in a coherent unit to some degreethere is something that bonds them togethercertain basic common characteristicsfrequent interactionsgroup is considered important perceived to be important they have certain shared goalsthe members are similar in some wayexample sororities and fraternities some basic aspects1 roles set of behaviors that individuals occupying specific positions within a group are expected to perform can be dependent on the rank of the individual2 norms rules within a group indicating how its members should or should not behave 3 cohesiveness forces that cause group members to remain in the groupthere is something about the group that causes you to want to staya group may have or be perceived to have a status symbol and you get that status for being a part of the groupbenefits to being a part of a group can help boost your own statuscan get perks for being within itfor being a part of a business club you may get benefitscan gain self knowledgecan accomplish certain types of social change networking costs to being in a group
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