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Social Psychology 2040 Test 2

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PSYC 2040
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Social Psychology 2040Test 2Chapter 5Culture is the enduring behaviors ideas attitudes and traditions shared by a large group of people and transmitted from one generation to the next our customs foods and religions are all part of our cultureNorms are rules for accepted and expected behavior Norms prescribe proper behavior what most others do what is normal there are certain universal norms such as incest murder and stealing5 factors of personality are stability extroversion openness agreeableness and conscientiousness There are 5 large social beliefs that all effect how people adhere and react to norms They are Cynicism powerful people exploit others Social complexity circumstances effect behavior Reward for application if you succeed it is because you tried hard Spirituality people put faith in something Fate control fate determines ones success and failuresPersonal space is the buffer zone we like to maintain around our bodies Its size depends on our familiarity with whoever is near us Men prefer more space than women Northern hemisphere prefers more spaceCollectivists have a group orientation they are interdependent they maintain connections to fit in cope through we goals accommodate to reality morality defined by social networks that are duty based they have few close enduring relationships harmony is required behavior reflects social norms and roles external attributionsIndividualists are independent discover and express ones uniqueness me rights and liberties to cope they change reality morality is defined by the individual relationships are many and are often temporary and casual confrontation is acceptable Behavior reflects ones personality and attitudes internal attributionsGender in psychology refers to the characteristics whether biological or socially influenced by which people define male and femaleGender role is a set of behavior expectations norms for males and femalesWe feel some inconsistency when people do not act their genderGender typing is the process in which we acquire our gender identity and roleSocial learning theory says we analyze all of the things we have been rewarded and punished forObservational learning says we have informational cues that we learn to use to behave consistently with our roleGender schema theory says that culture influences our gender schema and our gender schema influences our thinking and behavior about genderSocial child development Girls value social relationships more in their selfimages females are more empathetic and caringEmpathy is the vicarious experience of anothers feelings putting oneself in anothers shoesMales are more aggressive less emotional more selfreliant and make more sexual advances
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