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Test 2 Notes

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226Social influenceoEffects of culture and effects of gender on social interactionoCulture is all of the enduring behaviors attitudes and ideas shared by a large group nationTransmitted from one generation to the next survives for many generationTastes customs traditions even our religion is learned through a social contextFrom social normsunwritten rules for acceptation and expected behaviorEx norm personal spaceSocial desirability is what makes people follow norms because we all want to fit inNot everyone follows the rules and not everyone follows the norms or formal rules 11 arrests in the Revilebig 5 personality traitsoO OpennessoC coconscioustrustworthiness oE extravertoA agreeablenessoNneuroticism 5 social beliefs that lead people into either accepting or non accepting normsoCynicismthe powerful will exploit othersoSocial complexity shown when people recognize that the situation can effect the behavior circumstances can effect behavioroReward application you believe that you can succeed if you tryospirituality faith comes into playofate control whether you believe if there is a fate or determinism out therefrom analyzing a person and how they relate to the beliefs you can determine if they will follow or not follow the normsnorms also differ on social statusopeople on a higher social strata might have a more formal languagenorm that is recognized universallythat someone is suppose to be more formal towards authority figures ocaste system norms differ by culture culture effects what norms we are dealing withsome taboos stronger than norms incest murder stealing are universally recognized age and gender differences between personal spaceoolder people want more spaceomen also want more space onorthern cultures have more space than equatorial nations 1when communicating with others it is good to get accustomed with other norms and rulesIndividualism and Collectivism valuesInternal ValueIndividualismCollectivismConcept of SelfIndependent identity from Interdependent identity individual traits from belonging Life taskDiscover and express ones maintaining connectedness uniquenessfit inWhat mattersMe personal achievement We group goals and and fulfillment rights and solidarity social libertiesresponsibilities and relationshipsCoping method Change realityAccommodate to realityMoralityDefined by individuals Defined by social networks selfbaseddutybased RelationshipsMany often temporarily or Few close and enduring casual confrontation harmony requiredacceptableAttributionsBehaviors reflects ones Behavior reflects social personality and attitudesnorms and rolesIndividualists interacting with Collectivists interacting with individualscollectivistsPay attention to the others group Pay less attention to the others group memberships and attitudes these define when outside the group context than to important norms roles and attitudesthe others personal beliefs and attitudesPersuade by getting the persons superiors Expect the other to be less worried about to signal approval and by showing how the what superiors think and more influences others groups will benefitby peers and spouse than in your cultureEmphasize harmony and cooperation Help Emphasize personal costs and benefits of the other save face Avoid confrontation what you propose Be aware that lack of Criticize gently and in private after criticism many be interrupted as approvalpraisingPatiently cultivate long term relationships Feel free to get right into business with The other prefers doing business with old few preliminaries Expect relationships to friends Intimacy develops graduallybe good natured but superficial and short termIf the other is from east Asia except Feel free to present yourself in a positive unjustified modesty and self deprecation light but without obvious boasting Its okay Being presentations more modesty than to speak highly of your skills and you normally would accomplishmentsLet the other know your social position so Excepts the other to care less about stratus that others will know how to relate to you differences such as your age or position Expect age to engender respectAvoid being bossy to those of lower status or servile towards those of higher statue2
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