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Study Guide for Test 2

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 2040

Oct 2Culture collection of enduring behavior attitudes and traditions shared by a large group transmitted from one generation to the next has tremendous influence on behaviors we choose and act outNorms guidelinesrules that tell us how to behave in certain situations expected and accepted behavioroUnwritten rule about how close to be to someone differs by cultureoNot always followed abnormal behavior antisocial behavior5 social beliefs that universally affect adherence to normso1 cynicism negative outlook on life belief that powerful will exploit otherso2 social complexity believe circumstances affect behavior avoid fundamental attribution erroro3 reward application belief you can succeed if you tryo4 spirituality faith in a higher powero5 fate control deterministic approach everything is left up to fatesituational norms based on social statusolanguage formality depends on strata of societyocast system rigid rules regarding interaction marriage etcopersonal space by gender men prefer further distanceby age young children get close to communicateby location northern people prefer more distance between closer to equator prefer closerIndividualist and Collectivist ValuesIndividualismoconcept of self independent identity from individual traitsolife task discover and express ones uniquenessowhat matters Me personal achievement and fulfillment rights and libertiesocoping method change realityomorality defined by individuals selfbasedorelationships many often temporary or casual confrontation acceptableoattributions behavior reflects ones personality and attitudesCollectivismoconcept of self interdependent identity from belongingolife task maintain connections fit inowhat matters We group goals and solidarity social responsibilities and relationshipsocoping method accommodate to realityomorality defined by social networks duty basedorelationships few close and enduring harmony requiredoattributions behavior reflects social norms and rolesIndividualists interacting with collectivistsoPay attention to the others group memberships and authorities these define important roles norms and attitudesoPersuade by getting the persons superiors to signal approval and by showing how the others groups will benefitoEmphasize harmony and cooperation help the other save face avoid confrontation criticize gently and in private after praisingoPatiently cultivate longterm relationships the other prefers doing business with old friends intimacy develops graduallyoIf the other is East Asian expect unjustified modesty and self deprecation begin presentations more modestly than you normally wouldoLet other know your social position so the other knows how to relate to you expect age to engender respect who you are matters more than what youve accomplishedoRegard the others accompanying you and spending time with you as relationshipbuilding not as an invasion of your privacyCollectivists interacting with individualists
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