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AggressionAny behavior intended to inflict harm on another person or thingPhysical or mentalSometimes it is passive it is not acting its lack of action that causes intentional harmoWhen you are depending on someone to get something done and they are passive aggressive they are not going to do what you need them to doTypes of aggressionoHostile aggressionIntent if to inflict injury stems from angerRoad rage oInstrumental aggressionAggression is means by which higher goal is achievedUsing aggression to achieve a higher goal than just harming someoneAssault robberies that involve deadly weaponsthe main reason to commit the crime is to get something not to harmoSymbolic aggressionNo physical harm toward victim aggression toward property or verbal aggressionCar keyed shouting match slander etcoSanctioned aggressionAggression approved of by sociality as in war or selfdefense Most societies believe that it is ok in certain situations to go to warAggression during sporting events boxing martial arts fighting sports etcGender differencesoMales exhibit more physical aggression more likely to be draw to hostile or instrumental aggressionMore physicaloFemales more verbal symbolic aggressionAlso a stronger guilt reaction more feelings of emotional guilt of having caused emotional pain on someoneoHelp us learn behavior scriptsBiological differencesoTestosterone males possess more could play a role in more physical aggressive actsoMales commit 90 of all murdersExceptionsoExecution of a black widow woman in FL who was convicted of murdering her husband son and attempted murder of boyfriend husband poisoned husband with arsenicpushed crippled son out of a boat and killed him killed them for insurance moneyo11 women executed since 1976 o1998 famous execution in TX Carl Fey Tucker pick ax killeroLittle over 50 women on death row but compared to men not a loto2007 Cynthia Summer wanted a more luxurious lifestyle killed husband by poisoning him by arsenic convicted of murder prosecution showed wild sex parties after only a few days after her husband diedoPeople think that women do not fit the profile of a killer but there are always exceptionsWhy do people commit aggressive acts explanations of aggressionoEthological theoryComparative psychologyLooking at how animals behave and comparing to how humans behaveSurvival contextBecause of evolutionary theory in order to have a survival of a certain species there is a natural aggression of certain traitsstHumans can kill on the 1 try compared to animals who have to try many timesInhibitions attacks when people are so vicious its obvious that that person has an unusual situation it is not usual for a person to continue when they see a person submitAdapt and evolveInstincts and geneticsoSociobiologyBiological predisposition for social behaviorLooking at biological factors for social behaviorStressing the biological influence is acting us to act a certain wayYou are likely to see an aggressive response if the competition gets out of controlCompetition for scarce resourcesoPhysiologyAlcohol and drugsInhabitation disinhabits those responses towards others instead of not wanting to hurt others alcohol and drugs makes that go away and they cannot focus on their own behaviorAlcohol causes mood swings their mood will change amplification of mood emotional reactions tend to increaseHormonesTestosterone has a big effect early in life it helps organize body and brain development later it activates aggressive behaviorBrain chemistry and things that are happening to their individualHypothalamusCharles Joseph Whitman University of Texan student exMarine devoted to his family but he was devastated when his parents got
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