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Study Guide Test 2

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 2040

1Conformity a change in behavior or belief as result of real or imagined group pressureaActs in accordance with others2Influencing factors of conformity aNature of the taskiintellective vs judgmental issues facts vs feelingsharder to conformbsize of majority critical size 35ctrue partner effect gives strength will resist w help from a frienddgroup cohesiveness how well the group sticks together strong similar more cohesivenessmore conformityehigh status influences role modelfgender roles females more attentive to normative social influences trendsgMinority influence consistency flexibility timing subset of larger group More consistant more conformity flexible gain a lot of power timing relates to if group is readyisocial impact theory influencestrength immediacy number of sources minority group is strong will increase influence immediacy closer to larger groupiisocial influence theory relative size of minority being seen by others3Compliance conformity that involves publicly acting in accord w social pressure while privately disagreeing4Informational social influencesaBehavioral change results from information received by othersbGoal is to be accuratecBehavioral change reflects true beliefsdAttitude change is strong and stable5Normative social influencesaBehavioral change results from movement toward a social normbGoal is to be socially accepted and avoid appearing differentcBehavioral change does not reflect true beliefsdAttitude change if any is weak and unstable6Sherifs Experimentwanted to isolate and then experiment with norm formation the auto kinetic phenomenonthe apparent movement of stationary point of light in the dark7Asch Experiment Aschs study of group pressure asked people to compare lengths of lines and which on was the same but he had confederates that would give the wrong answer and the person being observed eventually conformed with the group and gave the wrong answers even though he didnt agree8A 12 person jury is more likely to result in hung jury than 6 person jury9IndividualismIndependent society western10CollectivismInterdependent society eastern framing social issues11Culture the enduring behaviors ideas attitudes and traditions shared by a large group of people and transmitted from one generation to the next12Gender roles characteristics that identify us as male and female learned through socialization normsaVary over time and culture13BiologyCulture debate when comes to gender rolesaBiological perspective hormone differencesbSocial cultural perspective cultural expectationscCulture and biology affect ppl differently division of labor thus influencing role expectations skills and beliefs14Obedience changing behavior in response from a direct order of an authority figureaBoth obedience and conformity change behavior Conformitygroup pressure and obedience authority figure
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