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PSYC 2040

Social Psychology 2040 Notes for Test 2Chapter 5Culture and Gender Social influenceEffects of culture and effects of gender on social interactionCultureis all of the enduring behaviors attitudes and ideas shared by a large group nationTransmitted from one generation to the next survives for many generationsTastes customs traditions even our religion is learned through a social contextFrom social normsunwritten rules for acceptation and expected behaviorDifferent schemas for different culturesEnduring behaviors attitudes traditionsCultural differences lead to the cultivation of normsEx norm personal spaceSocial desirability is what makes people follow norms because we all want to fit inNot everyone follows the rules and not everyone follows the norms or formal rulesNot all people stick to the normsinternal values conflictthey dont want to go along with the crowdFive big personality traitsO OpennessC coconscioustrustworthiness E extravertA agreeablenessN neuroticism Five big social beliefs that lead people into either accepting or non accepting normsCynicismthe powerful will exploit othersSocial complexity shown when people recognize that the situation can affect the behaviorcircumstances can affect behaviorReward application you believe that you can succeed if you try the opposite believes he will not succeedSpirituality faith in a higher powermoral build upFate control whether you believe if there is a fate or determinism out thereFatalisticnegativewhy try to adhere to the normNORMSFrom analyzing a person and how they relate to the beliefs you can determine if they will follow or not follow the norms1Norms are forming all of the timeDress has a lot to do with culturenormsPersonal spaceWesterna few feet apartEasterncomfortable with very close proximityNorms also differ on social status dont write them down but we know what they areA norm that is recognized universallythat someone is supposed to be more formal towards authority figuresPeople on a higher social strata might have a more formal languageLess highrelaxed languageslangExamplepresidentchancellor formality is expectedSome societies have a caste system social strataarranged marriagesRoyalty has a negative sanction toward marriage to someone in a lower social strataNorms differ by culture culture effects what norms we are dealing withNorms differ from gender and social statusCulture affects taboosSome taboos stronger than norms incest murder stealing are universally recognized Personal space as a normAge and gender differences between personal spaceolder people want more space little children will get in your facemen also want more space Personal space is wider in northern hemisphere than in countries close to the equatorNorthern cultures have more space than equatorial nations Takes several generations centuries before there is a cultural change civil rightswhen communicating with others it is good to get accustomed with other norms and rulesNorms help us interrelateIllusionary Theorynorms evolved over time were held on to geneticallyTraditions are handed down from generation to generationExCivil rightsTakes a long time to evolveFramingThe way we frame thingsGlobal businessInternationalYou have to try to understand culture to get alongTypes of societyIndividualismWestern independentCollectivismbelongs to a group interdependent2
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