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Chapter 3 Psyc 2040

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 2040

Chapter 3 Social Perception Perceiving and understanding othersNonverbal CommunicationoBehavior influenced by moodmotivation to understand mood in othersoNonverbal communication communication between individuals that does not involve the content of spoken languageIt relies instead on an unspoken language of facial expressions eye contact and body languagestill conveys meaningIrrepressible difficult to control so that even when others try to conceal their inner feelings from us these often leak out in many ways through nonverbal cuesPercent of communicationMehrabian7 verbal 38 paralanguage use of voice 55 nonverbalArgyle30 verbal 70 nonverbalProblems with Studying Nonverbal Communicationo1 nonverbal cues can be ambiguous unclear meaningCulture context degree of intention not appropriateo2 nonverbal cues are continuousHard to tell when they stop cant analyzeo3 nonverbal cues are multichannelMany different body parts can miss somethingSubconscious interpretation right brain holistic vs left brain logical processo4 nonverbal cues are culture boundNonverbal CommunicationoFacial expressionsoEvolutionJurassic periodmammal faces are more flexible than reptilian facesoBasic expressions represented crossculturallyAnger compressed lips slanted eyebrowsFear very wide eyesHappiness smile relaxed eyesSadness frown relaxed eyebrows Surprise eyes less wide than with fear smileDisgust wrinkled noseContemptmixture of disgust and angerParts of the Face in ExpressionsoNose nostril flareindicates heightened state of arousaloLips grin grimace lip compression canine snarl lip pout lip purse sneeroBrows frown brow raise
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