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Prejudice is an attitude usually negative toward members of a social group based solely on their membership in that groupIt can be triggered in a seemingly automatic manner and can be implicit as well as explicitPrejudice may reflect more specific underlying emotional responses to different outgroups including fear anger guilt and disgustPrejudice persists because disparaging groups can protect our self esteemThreat to our groups interests can motivate prejudice and perceived competition between groups for resources can escalate conflictAccording to social identity theory prejudice is derived from our tendency to divide the world into us and them and to view our own group more favorably than various outgroupsPeople may feel it is legitimate to display prejudice toward some social groupsthat it is normative to do so while for other groups it is seen as highly illegitimate to express prejudiceFeeling secure in ones subgroup distinctiveness results in less prejudice toward similar outgroupsIn contrast feeling insecure about the distinctiveness of ones subgroup leads to greater prejudice toward similar outgroupsDiscrimination involves differential actions toward members of various social groupsAlthough blatant discrimination has clearly decreased more subtle forms such as modern racism and ambivalent racism persist Persons who are high in modern racism want to hide their prejudiceBogus pipeline procedures wer
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