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Social Psychology

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Social Psychology Exam 111309Social Psychology SP is the scientific study of how individuals think and feel about interact with and influence each other individually and in groupsSP focuses on the individual within a given social situationit is studied on an interpersonal levelsociology looks at larger group behavior and systems in society Kurt Lewinbehavior is a function of situationindividual characteristicsmade a model for this ideathis model takes into account two variablessocial perceptionhow we perceive behaviorsocial cognitionour understanding of the situation or what we think is going on with the situationthese two things combined lead us to an evaluation of the situationhow we evaluate the situation affects the variable intentionScientific methodthe process of gaining empirical support for explanations of phenomena1 identify a phenomena to study2 develop a testable hypothesis3 design a research studyshould be generalizable to other experimentssituations4 carry out the research studyresults should be able to be replicated by othersexperimental researchseeks clues to causeeffect relationships by manipulating one or more factors while controlling otherscorrelational researchstudies the naturally occurring relationships among variablesExperimental v correlational researchindependent variables manipulatedno independent variables manipulatedrandom assignmentno random assignmentcausal relationship can be establishedcausal relationship cannot be establishedtight control over extraneous variablesextraneous variables may be measuredControlled statisticallychanges the value of a descriptive variablea relationship between two or moreare causally linked to changes in the dependent variables is explainedvalue of the independent variable12008Selfour concept of self really comes from our perceptions of how other people see usselfa cognitive structure that contains organized and stable contents of personal experiencesits a structure of our thinkingour concept of self changes throughout our lifeself is a control deviceit assists us in understanding and predicting our own actionsto the extent we know ourselves we can depend on how well react in different situations
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