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Psychology 2040Section 1Social Psychology and Related FieldsSocial psychology is the scientific study of how individuals think and feel about interact with and influence each other individually and in groups1Kurt Lewinfather of social psychology Social psychology focuses on the individual within a given social situation focuses on thinking influence and relationSociology looks at largegroup behavior and systems in societyBiology examines the role of genetics in heavierAnthropology investigates the physical and cultural development of a speciesHistory determines how economic political and technological trends influence behavior Ostracizing is when someone ignores shuns or gives the silent treatment to anotherModel of Social BehaviorSocial behavior Intention to behave Evaluation of Social perception Individual a certain waysituationand cognitioncharacteristicsInput from social situations Roots of PsychologyPsychthe breath of life separates living organisms from innate objectsEpistemologythe study of knowledge integrated in psychological thought1Platoperception was the key our perceptions are not always accurate2Aristotlehumans are social creatures we need to be around others to really existMiddle ages and renaissancerebirth of art and humanism started to emerge Scientific revolutionGalileo and Sir Isaac Newton are part of this revolution this revolution started the industrial revolution our thoughts historically started to focus on more profound thingsLate 1800s people started applying science to everything1William Wundthe applied the scientific method to psychology the first scientific laboratory for psychology 1879 so psychology started to be a science1Improving that body of knowledge when the scientific method is applied to psychology The Scientific MethodThe Scientific Method is the process of gaining empirical support for explanation of phenomenaWhen using the scientific method in social psychology we have to be very skeptical but it helps us understand things when it becomes ambiguous The Scientific Method involves four general steps1Identifying a phenomenon to study2Developing a testable research hypothesis 3Designing a research study4Carrying out the research study Experimental vs Correlational ResearchExperimental researchCorrelational ResearchIndependent variable manipulatedNo independent variable manipulatedRandom assignmentNo random assignmentCausal relationships can be establishedCasual relationships cannot be establishedTight control over extraneous variablesExtraneous variables may be measured and
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