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Exam 1 Study Guide- Chapters One Two And Three

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Exam 1 NotesSocial Psychology the scientific study of the nature and causes of individual behavior and thought in social situations1Core ValuesaAccuracy we have observer biasbObjectivity gather data without being biascSkepticism replicate the data to make sure something is rightdOpenmindedness looking for the truth in science this is the general principle new ideas CAN arise2Social psychology seeks to understand the CAUSES of social behavior and thoughtsaOthers actions and characteristicsbMemories and inferences cognitions memories affect current behavior happy moodremembering happy thingscEnvironmental variables tempsweatherdCultural context things that are perceived as beautiful can vary Evolutionary Psychology investigates the potential role in genetic factors in various aspects of human behavior ex Parental investment 1Variationinheritanceselection this is the crucial outcome of evolution Social Neuroscience research on neural and biological bases of social processes1Studies the role of implicit non conscious processes moodcongruency effects Multicultural Perspective how cultural and ethnic factors influence social behavior Research Methods1Naturalistic Observation systematically observe behavior in natural settings not knowing your being watched2Survey Method large number of people answers questions about their attitudes or behavior get a lot of info3Correlation Method systematic observation of TWO or MORE variable to determine whether they change TOGEHER aRange from 100 to 100 Closer to 0 is weakerbPositive correlation move in the same directioncNegative correlation move in the opposite directions from each ot
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