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PSYC 2076

PSYCH practice questionsCHAPTER 1 ISSUES IN CHILD DEVELOPMENT1When the findings from research are used by legislators to shape legislation that affects children or families the research hasa Influenced social policy2Most children crawl first and then they walk and finally they can run This is an example ofa Qualitative change in development3The finding that orphans who were severely deprived during childhood can show great improvement if they are adopted into warm wellfunctioning families is an example of the fact thataVery early experience has an impact on a childs development but ongoing circumstances also can affect their development4The fact that conclusions drawn from research may not fit your personal experiences does not compromise the validity of the researcha True5We develop increasing confidence in a research finding ifa Other researchers are able to replicate results6Psychopathology is the study ofa How normal developmental process can go awry7Children who have different experiences as they are growing up can still end up in the same place in terms of their developmental outcomesa True8Information about child development can help highrisk parentsa Develop realistic expectations for their childrens behavior9 The difference between nature and nurture is that nurture influences cognitive development and nurture influences social and emotional developmenta False10The research conducted by Alan Sroufe in which he studied how early attachment to caretakers related to later development found that the quality of an infants attachmenta Was influenced by early peer relations in determining later outcomes11If you remember information that fits with ideas or opinions that you already have and have difficulty remembering information that challenges those ideas you have ana Perception bias12 development involves changes in the way we think understand and reason about the world anddevelopment involves the way we connect to others and understand emotionsa Cognitive socialemotional13If you are very athletic and can play almost any sport well from the time you first try it you will be attracted to experiences that draw upon your strong athletic abilities This process is calleda Niche picking14When we make a generalization and say that men are more aggressive than women we should take that to meana That on average there is a difference between these two15The question of whether we remain the same person we were at an earlier age or whether we reinvent ourselves throughout our lives is the issue ofaStability versus change 16When using this text the best way to understand how our thoughts about child development have changed over the years would be toa Carefully read the journeys of research17When a trait or characteristic is very strongly influenced by your genes that trait is largely the product ofa Nature18A major longitudinal study found that the quality of child care in early childhood was related to the childs vocabulary development in fifth gradea True19When professionals or people with expertise in an area are asked to review and make suggestions for improvement to an article before it is published the article is undergoinga A peer review20When a researcher conducts an interview it is important that each interviewee is asked exactly the same questionsa False21The talents of a gifted child may result from a number of different sources including the childs genetic inheritance the childs life experiences the support and encouragement that the child receives from others and certain personality traits of the child so this would be an example ofa Equifinality22The Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook can be a source of information abouta The nature of various jobs qualifications for employment and earnings23Lewis Terman was interested in how gifted children developed as they got older so hea Conducted a longitudinal study that followed the children into adulthood24A path analysis is a way toa Examine how multiple aspects that influence childrens development are interrelated across time25Having high selfesteem a warm and nurturing family and living in an economicallystable community are all examples of
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