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Child Dev Chapter 14 Outline

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PSYC 2076
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Chapter 14Physical Development in AdolescenceIPhysical MaturationAAdolescencethe developmental stage that lies between childhood and adulthoodBGrowth During Adolescence The Rapid Pace of Physical and Sexual Maturationadolescent growth 1The dramatic changes during adolescence constitute the spurta period of very rapid growth in height and weight during adolescence CPuberty1Pubertythe period of maturation during which the sexual organs matureThe timing of puberty is linked to cultural and environmental factors as well as to biological ones2Puberty in GirlsaGirls begin puberty about 11 or 12 boys begin at 13 or 14bEnvironmental and cultural factors play a role in age of pubertyMenarche the onset of menstruation and probably the most obvious signal of puberty in girls Menarche age in the United States has declined since the nineteenth century an example of a secular trend a statistical tendency observed over several generations cThe development of primary sex characteristics involves changes in the vagina and uterusdSecondary sex characteristics involve the development of breasts and pubic hair3Puberty in BoysaThe penis and scrotum begin to grow at an accelerated rate at around the age of 12 reaching adult size about 3 or 4 years later
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