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Chapter 16 ChildDev

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 2076

Chapter 16Social and Personality Development in AdolescenceIIdentity Asking Who Am IASelfConcept What Am I Like1Differentiation of selfconcept reflects a complex definition of the selfFor example we talked about adolescents becoming more idealisticthey may start defining themselves by their belief systems as well Confusion behs dont always match up with selfimageolder teens more comfortable w behs changing across situationsincorporating others view of the self even morebeliefs ideas about who you areBSelfEsteem How Do I Like Myself 1Gender Differences in SelfEsteemaEspecially in early adolescence girls have lower selfesteemsocial pressure on physical appearance social relationshipsmay feel pressured to hide academic abilityis the emotional reaction to who you areWhile the selfesteem of boys is generally higher they have worries of their ownmacho expectations confident tough fearless no matter whatathletic competence2Socioeconomic Status and Race Differences in SelfEsteemaHigher SES leads to more selfesteem especially in late adolescencetrends very important can feel left out if you cant afford them
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