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Adolescent Psychology Exam 2 (got 93% on the test)

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Adolescent Psychology Exam 23413Chapter 4 The Self Identity Emotions and Personality OutlineThe SelfSelfunderstanding is the individuals cognitive representation of the self the substance and content of selfconceptionsReal actual selfoWho you are right nowIdeal self oWho you want to beSocial comparisonsoComparing you to other people in the same dimension oEx Comparing test scores with classmates Possible SelfoThere are good and bad possible selves SelfUnderstanding and Social ContextAdolescents selfunderstanding can vary across relationships and social roles You have multiple roles that you fill as an individual and the ability to navigate between these roles is a sign of how well adjusted youre going to be What are selfesteem and selfconceptSelfesteemselfworthselfimageis the global evaluative dimension of the selfoHow you feel overallSelfconceptDomainspecific evaluations of the self Measuring SelfEsteem and SelfConceptSusan Harters Self Perception Profile for Adolescents1Scholastic competence aHow do you feel about yourself academically Compared to others 2Athletic competenceaSports competition how you feel about yourself competing with other people3Social acceptanceaYour ability to interact and engage in social settings You feel inferior if you are lacking in these main 3 when comparing yourself to your peers 4Physical appearance5Behavioral conductaYour belief in your ability to exhibit or inhibit certain behavior6Close friendshipaImportant in later adolescence People you can trust7Romantic appeal and job competence aImportant in later adolescence 8Plus global selfworthaHow do you feel about everything SelfEsteem Perception and RealityNarcissismoA selfcentered and selfconcerned approach toward others oThey put their needs over everybody elses oA true pathological narcissist doesnt know that they are that way Selfesteem fluctuates across the life span oDuring and just after many life transitions individuals selfesteem often decreases Ex Going from middle school to high school oSocial support system is important Usually in form of marriage School performance and selfesteem are only moderately correlated and these correlations do not suggest that high selfesteem produces better school performance Physical appearance is an especially powerful contributor to selfesteem in adolescence Social Contexts and SelfEsteem Social contexts such as the family peers and schools contribute to the development of an adolescents self esteemPeer judgments gain increasing importance in adolescence Consequences of Low SelfEsteemLow selfesteem has been implicated in depression suicide anorexia nervosa delinquency and other adjustment problems and even suicide Increasing Adolescents self esteemFour ways to improve adolescents and emerging adults selfesteem are1Identify the causes of low selfesteem and the domains of competence important to the self2Provide emotional support and social approval3Foster Achievement start small and work up to bigger ones4Help adolescents to how to cope Selfesteem often increase when adolescents face a problem and try to cope with it rather than avoid it Revisiting Eriksons Views on IdentityIdentity vs Identity confusionPersonality and Role Experimentation oTrying to find out who you are IdentityComposed of many pieces1Vocationalcareer identityaCan you get your own money2Political identityaYour own opinions and views3Religious Identity 4Relationship identityaSimply being in a relationship has an effect on selfesteem 5Sexual identityaOrientation values criteria 6Culturalethnic identity
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