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Psyc 2708 Study Guide Cumulative (Got A+ on the test)

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Piagets stages of cognitive development1Sensorimotor 02 yearsaAbility to coordinate the senses and the bodybUterothe infants awareness is primarily bodycentriccShortly after birth smells sights and other sensory stimuli become more dramatic dInfant makes the connection between what they are doing with their body and what happens in the world as a resulteMost plastic in this stage of lifefBrains have a bias for pleasureanything that can be associated with pleasure is good and anything that is associated with pain or fear is badgTwo natural fearsfalling and loud noises2Preoperational 27 yearsaLanguage development and the ability to use symbols to interact with the worldbChildren begin to use transductive reasoning can draw conclusions from particular to particularcA capacity for egocentrism tendency to view the world from ones own perspective while failing to recognize that others may have different points of view also develops in this stage dA failure to differentiate the self from otherseAnimism definitionthe belief that inanimate objects especially those with apparent eyes and faces are alive and have other human qualitiesfDo not understand the Law of Conservation of Volume3Concrete operational 711 yearsaIncreased capacity for logical thoughtbAbility to understand relationshipscSymmetrical relationship I am my brothers brotherdSeriation and transitive inference eAbility to hold multiple pieces of information in mind at oncefAble to conservenot fooled by the glass problem any moregFour primary operations for concrete thoughtiReversibilitythe ability to think forward and backward about a subjectiiNullifiabiltyunderstanding that if we do something and then do opposite its as though nothing as changediiiAssociativitythe understanding that the same product can come from several meansivCombinaivitythe ability to categorize two specific categories into a general categoryhThought and argument are still bound to physical and observable reality 4Formal operational 11 and olderaIncreased capacity for abstract thoughtbMetacognitionadolescents can examine their own thought processes and identify the steps they are taking to solve problemscAble to use inductive and deductive logiciInductive logicdrawing a conclusion from the particular to the general developing a broad theory based on several pieces of evidence
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