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PSYC 2078 Test 3 Review (98% on the test)

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 2078

Ch 6 GenderIDavid reamer AKA BruceBrendaaDavid reamer was born a normal male infant one of identical twinsbAt 6 months both boys were diagnosed with phimosic difficulty urinatingcReferred for circumcision at 8 months in CanadadBruces penis was destroyed testicles remainedeBrians circumcision was canceled and he made a full recovery from his condition without further treatmentfBruces parents took him to see John Moneya pioneer in transgender studygTheory that gender identification was relatively plastic in infancy and developed primarily as a result of social learning from early childhoodhAt 22 months surgery was performed to remove his testes and construct a vaginaiEspecially valid test case of social learning concept of gender identificationjMoney reported on Brendas progress as the JohnJoan case describing apparently successful female gender developmentkBrenda didnt feel like a girliHad a lot of problems with schoolmateslBy 1997 he had undergone surgery again to reverse the reassignment and was living as David reamermDavids brother killed himselfnDavid later took his own life with a gun in 2004IITermsaSexbiological status of being male and femalebGenetically and hormonally determinediBoysXYGirlsXXcGenderpsychologicalsociocultural dimensions of being male or femaledGender identificationinternal sense of being male or femaleeGender roleset of expectations of males and femalesfHormones can also influence gendertyped behaviorIIIExamples of gender Roles in childrens literatureaBoys are doctors girls are nursesbBoys are pilots girls are stewardessescBoys build houses girls keep housesIVAdolescents and Gender in Traditional CulturesaStricter standardsnarrow socializationiNot allowed to date like in the USiiAdolescents usually separated by male and femalebExperiences from malesfemales more different than in the westcGender role expectations for femaleiFamily duties as early as 6 or71Work with mother and other womeniiVirginity until marriage1Penalties restrictions can be very harsh2Male circumcisionaWhyhealth religion aestheticsbRecent movement to stop circumcisioncPuberty ritual3Female Genital MutilationaSunna circumcisionremoval of the hood andor tip of the clitorisbClitoridectomy AKA excisionremoval of entire clitoris and adjacent labiacInfibulations AKA pharaonic circumcisionremoval of clitoris adjacent labia majora and minora and joining of scraped sides of vulva across vagina4RisksaInfectiondiseasebShockhemorrhagecSexual frigidity genital malformation delayed menarche chronic pelvic complications urinary retention birth difficulty5Why practice FGMaCleanliness local custom family honor insurance of virginity and faithfulness6FGM is a cultural practice not a religious practiceiiiFreud and the Clitoris 1Clitoris is dangerous2Could possibly grow into a penis3Should only have vaginal orgasm ivDr James Burts love surgeryOhio 1970sdGender role expectations for malesiManhood has to be achieved usually 3 main skill areas1Provide hunting or other skill for family2Protect3Procreate to produce childrenaDoesnt necessarily mean having sexiiSee these in Mehinaku of Brazil1Boys who spend too much time with women are social outcastsVSocialization and Gender in the WestaHill and Lynchgender intensification hypothesispsychologicalbehavioral differences between males and females become more pronounced at adolescencebSocial pressure more influential than physical changescMore interaction with same sex parentsdMore pressure placed on femalesiGirls become more selfconcious about appearanceiiGirls become more interested and adept than boys at forming intimate relationshipsVIMasculinity Femininity and Androgyny
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