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PSYC 2078 Test 5 Review (Got A+ on the test)

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PSYC 2078
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Ch 14 Adolescent ProblemsIExploring Adolescent ProblemsaThe biopsychosocial approachbiological psychological and social factors interact to produce problemsiBiological factorsproblems originate from malfunctioning within the bodyiiPsychological factorsdistorted thoughts emotional turmoil inappropriate learning and troubled relationships lead to problemsiiiSocial factorsparticular cultural factors that can lead to problems for adolescentsbDevelopmental psychopathology approachfocuses on describingexploring developmental pathways of problemsiSeek to uncover precursors of various problems in adolescence and their links to negative outcomescTypes of problemsiInternalizing problemsfocus problems on self usually girlsiiExternalizing problemsfocus problems on others usually boysIIEating disordersaOver 90 of eating disorders are adolescent and young adult womenbApproximately 1 of adolescent girls develop anorexia nervosasever reduction in food intakeiInvolves extreme weight lossat least 15 below normal body weightc23 of young women develop bulimia nervosaexcessive over eating followed by vomiting or other purging behaviors also now see exercise bulimiatry to work off what they ateiCan often successfully hide problem from others for yearsiiThings to look for1If the leave table to go to bathroom right after eating2Bad breath3Excessive use of breath mints or mouth wash4Gray or grainy looking teeth5Abrasions on knucklesIIIHealth Consequences of AnorexiaaAbnormally slow heart ratelow blood pressurebReduction of bone densitycMuscle loss and weaknessdSevere dehydrationeFainting fatigue and overall weaknessfDry hair and skin hair lossgLanugosfine downy layer of hair all over the bodyi1 in 10 cases dieIVHealth consequences of BulimiaaElectrolyte imbalancesbGastric retune
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