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PSYC 2078
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Psychology 2078 Adolescent PsychologyFinal Exam Study GuideE D U C A T I O NTraditionalists argues that the purpose of education is to teach the basicsProgressives urge that the purpose of education is to prepare students for life by teaching citizenship home and family living a vocation physical health gratifying use of leisure time and effective personality growthEducational model changes in order to fit social needssee timelineMiddle SchoolRecognition that junior high model was not well suited to the special needs of early adolescentscreation of middle schoolsBeen call for return to twoschool model K8 and 912 because it is considered to be more successful Smaller number of adolescentsPresence of younger children changes the interaction patterns between adolescents and teachersMany students enter slump during this time period and exhibit large declines in academic motivation perception of their own academic abilities and achievement after they leave elementary schoolLarger and more impersonalSpend less time in company of friends and more with relative strangersOld peer network breaks down and friends often no longer see one another at all Less close to teachersResearch has called for schools to recognize early adolescents special needs including that they are selfconscious desire autonomy need support from nonparental adults as they strive to break away from parentsPerformance goal structure definitionschooling in a competitive atmosphere in which the goal is to get the highest grade in the classDoes not meet needs of adolescents Detrimental Fosters competition More likely to feel angry and depressed and to be truant Task mastery structure definitionschooling in a less competitive setting in which individual effort and improvement are rewardedExperience fewer problems in this structureMore likely to ask for helpCome to value academic subjects more and show an increased desire to learn Characteristics of Good Schools
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