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Ch12 Notes Outline

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Week 10Tests and MeasuresChapter 12How Do We Assess the Psychometric Quality of a TestConducting the Pilot TestoPilot Test a scientific investigation of a new tests reliability and validity for its specific purposeo Setting upo conductingConducting Quantitative AnalysisQuantitative Item Analysis statistical analysis of the responses that test takers gave to indv test questions Item difficulty Item discrimination Interitem correlation Item total correlation Item criterion correlationsItem characters curve Item biasItem DifficultyoItem Difficulty theof the test takers who answer a question correctly Less than 2 too difficult Grater that 9 too easy 5 most variationItem DiscriminationoDiscrimination Indexa stastistic that compares the performance of those who made very high test scores with performance of those who made very high test with the performance of those who made very low test scores on each item Large posgood item Neg or small posbad item
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