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3020 Chp 2 3 (got 93% on the test)

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 3020

Chapters 2 and 3Tests and MeasuresCh 2 Why is Psychological Testing ImportantIndividual Decisions test takers use test scores to make decisions about themselvesInstitutional Decisionsother entities make decisions about individuals based on their test scoresComparative Decisionsbased on a comparison of numerous test takers scores to see who has the best scoreAbsolute Decisionsbased on a minimum score needed to qualifyEducational SettingsUsed byoAdministrators teachers school psychologists career counselorsIno Primary and secondary schools colleges universities TooSelect students into schools award scholarships place students in programs measure student learning identify problems and career interestsHollands SelfDirected Search interest inventory used for educational and career planningo6 TypesRealisticlikes to work with things more than peopleThe R type usually has mechanical and athletic abilities and likes to work outdoors and with tools and machinesInvestigativelikes to explore and understand things and events rather than persuade and sellhas math and science abilities andlike to work alone and solve problemsArtisticcreative ideas and self expression more than rules and routinesartistic skills enjoys original work and has a good imaginationSocialhelp teach and council likes to be around others interested in how others get along and likes to help others with their problemsEnterprisingpersuade and direct othersleadership public speaking and interested in money and politics like to influence ConventionalwwwselfdirectedsearchcomClinical SettingsUsed by
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