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Notes Outline Ch 5 (98% on the test)

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PSYC 3020
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Chapter 5How Do Users Interpret Test ScoresLevels of MeasurementoLevels of Measurement the properties of numbers used in a test LevelDefinitionExampleStatsWhere there are differences Numbers represent labels Frequency modeNominalin quality rather than or categories of data quantityHair colorNumbers have no quantitative value Describes how variables can s assigned to arrangemedian and percentileOrdinalbe ordered along some type things in a seriesof continuum Rank Identifies and orders Cant according to GPAmeasure distance between two numbers Temperature in degrees no s assigned to arrangeSD r t test ANOVAIntervalabsolute zero Linkertt things in a series Identifies scales IQ scoreand orders Can measure distance between sNo absolute zero pointIncome temperatures in s assigned to arrangeproportionsRatiodegree Kelvin Average things in a series s are an number of cars per familyequal distance apart and there is an absolute zero point Interpreting Test Scores Raw Scores
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