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Lecture Notes 3 21 2013

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 3030

33You cant always use definitions to describe our categorical knowledge We have a vast warehouse of general knowledge whats a chairSo how do we use this information that we can access quicklyaccuratelyIt makes more sense to group things as a whole rather than having to learn what each different type of dog isSo how is this semantic memory organizedEarly theorists assumed that any organization would be as economical as possibleGenerally the most efficient way to organize natural concepts is a hierarchy Each lower level shares things with their upper levelsRosch introduced the idea of basic level categories to describe this hierarchy She theorized that this basic level was cognitively privileged What about nonnatural categoriesThings that you use to eat UtensilsSpoon Fork Knifesoup spoon salad fork steak knifeGlobalBasicBasicBasicSpecificSpecificSpecificWhy do we rely on the basic level so muchWhen were describing common features in each category we see the biggest boost when going from global to basic
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